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United Kingdom
All products were delivered swiftly and I love my green glass board. I also purchased 8 extra strong magnets, which are excellent, three board pens and two magnetic pen lids to keep the pens on the board, not very happy with the quality of the pens and the magnetic pen lids are not strong enough to hold the weight of the pens.


Lockable poster showcase

Stylish design frame
Solid construction
Wall mount included
Easy to use
Best price!

Lockable poster showcase

This lockable poster showcase is the perfect solution for displaying posters and making sure they're put away safely, thanks to the pre-installed lock and the supplied keys. Only the user or owner of the showcase will be able to access the poster.

The showcase is finished with an extra thick and durable design aluminium frame, giving your poster some extra flair during display as well. Thanks to the water resistant cover strips on the inside, you can be sure that your poster will still be dry after rainfall or water splashes. This makes the lockable poster showcase the perfect companion for outdoor display.

We offer multiple sizes. Please make your choice from the overview below.

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