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United Kingdom
The package tracker link was of no use. It never showed any progress after the first stage - ""received for shipping"". This led to me making unnecessary calls to customer support when the package had not arrived after the two day stated delivery time to the UK.\n\nCustomer support were helpful.\n\nThe Whiteboard was received in good condition and was as described. So I am completely satisfied with the product itself.

Pavement sign Expo A0 - 118,9 x 84,1 cm, 5pcs.

Pavement sign Expo A0 - 118,9 x 84,1 cm, 5pcs.
Product-SKU: POSSD884119
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sam creative
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Pavement sign Classic with click frames on both sides in size A0. Discount set of 5.

Without a doubt our most stylish pavement sign. The neat looking undercarriage not only keeps the sign in place; it also makes for a real eye-catcher. Extra stable in any weather conditions due to the positioning of the frame and spring-fitted snap frame.

This sign is made from aluminum and other durable materials, making it lightweight, easy to move yet sturdy. The aluminum also makes the sign look beautiful!

The 35mm aluminum click frames on both sides of the sign are sturdy, look representative and are splashproof. The underlying cover strip keeps your poster dry and in the right position, making this an ideal sign for both indoor and outdoor use. The matte cover sheet protects your poster from UV-light and scratches.

  • Classy 35mm aluminum profile
  • Lightweight materials
  • Durable construction
  • Ideal for indoor and outdoor use
  • Beautiful, design undercarriage
  • Splasproof
  • Competitively priced!

Placing a poster is eay: click open the frame on all sides, remove the cover sheet (look for the writing that says 'PULL') and place the poster. After you close the frame the poster will sit in it's place untill you replace it by a new one.

sam creative sets itself apart by producing high end products for visual support. sam creative strongly believes in providing affordable, high quality products, for even the most cutting edge technology available.

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